Difficult Location Detailed Route Guide

Mt. Yari-gatake Difficult Location Detailed Route Guide – The Spearhead –

This is the view of the spearhead of Mt. Yari-gatake from in front of the Yari-gatake mountain hut. Let’s start for the summit of the Longing mountain.

The peak of Mt. Yari-gatake detailed route guide

The climb from Yari-gatake-sanso mountain hut to the peak of Mt. Yari-gatake is decidedly difficult, but there are strong and sturdy chains and ladders attached to the mountain along the way at key points to ensure safety. Every year, you see parents with their elementary school aged children climbing this area. However, saying that is not meant to be interpreted as a guarantee of your safety in any way.
You should refrain from attempting the summit on days or times when the weather is bad, when you don’t feel well, or when your desire to climb is not at 100%. If something should happen, it would be an enormous burden on other climbers, the staff at the mountain hut, and the mountain rescue team. Keep your alcohol intake the night before to a minimum as the damage to your body from drinking at a high altitude is much worse than at sea level.

Everyone wants to see the dawn from the summit the next morning, which is why there will be a traffic jam at the chains and ladders just before dawn. Try and adjust your departure to avoid the crowds.
Yari-gatake-sanso hut stands on the shoulder of the peak at an elevation of 3,080 meters. The summit is only another 100 meters higher, but both the ascent and descent are entirely covered in rocky terrain. It takes about an hour roundtrip to the summit and back to the hut. The ascending and descending routes are separated for the most part, so there are very few places you need to be careful about people passing in the opposite direction.

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Spearhead full particulars


We will travel from the Yari-gatake-sanso mountain hut to the base of the spearhead summit. This is where the ascending and descending routes diverge. First, once you climb past the rocks, you will go around and climb while following the arrows. You will need to grab rocks, hold onto the chains, and climb ladders, so make sure you always have both hands available to use. Do not make the mistake of bringing trekking poles with you for the climb.

Arrive at the summit of Mt. Yari-gatake just before dawn. Often times the headlamps of climbers along the trail create a line. If you plan to greet the dawn at the summit, you will need to be prepared for cold weather, even at the height of summer. You need to be especially careful on windy days.
When you look up from below, it seems to be a vertical climb, but there are sturdy handholds, so it is important to not be afraid and simply continue taking one careful step forward at a time.


Spearhead Detailed route guide

Once you clear the two long and short ladders that require the use of all five of your senses, you will reach a portion that is common to both ascenders and descenders, but for the most part, the places to ascend and descend are separated. Therefore, you should not have any trouble with people passing in the opposite direction. Up ahead are a series of two long ladders. You will get a sense of the high altitude, but the ladders are safe, so just go slowly. At the top of these ladders is the Mt. Yari-gatake summit and a 360-degree panoramic view. You can see all of the Northern Alps, the Southern Alps, the Yatsu-gatake mountains, Mt. Haku-san, and even Mt. Fuji. The only manmade object you will be able to see is the Yari-gatake-sanso hut at the summit shoulder.
The Mt. Yari-gatake summit has a stunning view. You may also be able to experience a mystical “unkai” or “sea of clouds” flowing in the sky below your feet. Enjoy these treats to the fullest as your reward for all of your hard work climbing.
Experience the brocken spectre phenomenon at the Mt. Yari-gatake summit in the early morning. This optical illusion can be experienced on rare occasions.


The left is for ascending, the right is for descending. Both are firmly attached to the rock, so it is important to stay calm.
Concentrate as you make your descent as well. Please check the arrows as you descend.
There are more places with chains on the descent, so hold the chain loosely in one hand as you make your way down. Also, one way to ensure safety while descending is to look where you will be placing your foot two or three steps ahead.

Elevation map: From Yari-gatake sanso to the peak of Mt. Yari-gatake