...there is probably “no other country that exhibits such an endless
variety of natural beauty in the shapes of the mountains
and in the rich luxuriance of the trees and flowers”.

Viscount Bryce O.M.
in the Alpine Journal ※


THE JAPAN ALPS Wondrous nature found in this far eastern island nation of Japan, is nothing short of miraculous. 70% of the country is mountainous. Over 100 years ago, the Europeans referred to the ranges situated in the center of the Japan archipelago as The Japan Alps and were very fond of them. Here, one can marvel at the diversity & transformations of nature, not seen in the European Alps and Himalayas. Please, by all means enjoy a wide variety of activities that can only be experienced in the mountains of The Japan Alps. OK Japan Alps, HERE WE COME!


The mountain climbing and hiking routes in The Japan Alps are truly diverse. Find out which area to go to according to your schedule, and which mountain to go to according to your physical fitness and skill.

The charm of The Japan Alps is not only in their climbing but also in your ability to decide which activity you wish to do and then select a destination accordingly therein.

We will introduce mountain huts & camp grounds in The Japan Alps as well as hot springs & hotels in the vicinity of the trailhead.
Please consider plans for a traverse or for a facility that will serve as a base for your mountain trips.

On the occasion of your first challenging a visit to The Japan Alps, if you go with a route guide, you may appreciate their grandeur.