Activities of The Japan Alps


One of the attractions of the Japan Alps is not only to hunt a peak but also to appreciate a variety of mountain experiences based on each person’s individual goals.

From an easy hike through a plateau with family, to a peak hunt of great difficulty in high altitude, to a long trail a distance over 100 km, to a visit to a hidden hot springs via a mountain hike, or to a hike to enjoy Alpine plants or fall foliage viewing, there are many ways to enjoy the mountains.   The Japan Alps during the winter season avail many different activities to enjoy, different from those provided by the mountains in the summer.  Depending on purposes, places, and seasons, there are many ways to appreciate the nature of the mountains.  It should be enjoyable to spend a night in a mountain hut with no TV or internet in a calm apart from city life.  Here, we introduce various ways of enjoying the mountains.