Observing the Fauna of The Japan Alps

Japan is known as a hot spot of biodiversity.
The environment of the Japan islands is such that it is surrounded by the sea in every direction; other such conditions allow for the diversity and the existence of rare species. In fact, a quarter of vertebrate species in Japan are endemic species. The famous Japanese macaque is one of them.

In the mountainous Japan Alps, many animals and plants facing extinction, co-habit with humans in nature.
If you get to know the creatures that live there, and if you can meet them, it will be in wonderful opportunity to attain a deeper understanding of the workings of natural in The Japan Alps.
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The Mountains of the Japan Alps and their creatures

Several kinds of mountain environments are found in the Japan Alps.
Depending on the environments, the vegetation is different and the animals and birds living therein diverse.
The creatures of the Japan Alps are hard to encounter. It would be a fabulous experience to get to see them in nature.

【Vagetation of the mountains area】

Alpine belt: This area is above 2,500 m in altitude and beyond the tree line. The vegetation is mainly Pinus Pumila and a limited number of plants and flowers.

Sub Alpine Belt: This area is around 1,500 m to 2,500 m in altitude and mostly evergreen conifers such as Abies veitchii and broad leafed trees such as Birches can be seen.

Mountain Belt: This area is around 500 m to 1,500 m in altitude and is wide and broad. The vegetation that can mainly be seen is the broad-leafed trees such as Larches, Beeches, and Mongolian oaks.

Lowland Belt: This area is below 500 m, is a laurel forest zone and trees such as Camphors can be seen mainly.