Let’s enjoy autumn leaves in The Japan Alps

Norikura Plateau Autumn leaves viewing hiking

Norikura information center ~Zengoro fall ~ Ushidome-ike ~ Azami-ike ~Maime-ike ~ Dojyo-ike ~ Big Japanese Maple tree

2 hours and 30 minutes ~ 3 hours in total(For families)

Best season
Autumn Leaves: the best season for this route is from middle October to late October

:Mountain Villa Information
Norikura information center

↓ 7 minutes

Entrance of Zengoro falls

↓ 20 minutes

Zengoro falls

↓ 20 minutes


↓ 25 minutes


↓ 10 minutes


↓ 5 minutes


↓ 3 minutes

Big Japanese Maple tree

↓ 50 minutes

Norikura information center

Route Guide

There are many hiking courses within Norikura Plateau and the course introduced above is only one example. The autumn leaves of Mongolian Oaks, Japanese white birch and maples are beautiful in the plateau. The most beautiful viewing spot is the image of the autumn leaves reflected on the water surface of Maime-ike and Dojyo-ike. Many photographers visit to capture the view of Mt. Norikura-dake and the autumn leaves reflected on the water. The variance in elevation for this route is about 100 m and it is an easy hike. The peak of the autumn leaves of Mongolian Oaks is after the middle of October. If you wish to visit Azami-ike at Ichinose-enchi, Maime-ike, Dojyo-ike, and a big Japanese Maple Tree, you may drive there yourself since the parking lot is available nearby.

The peak for big Japanese Maple Tree is usually around October 20th. A beautiful collaboration of morning frost reflecting the morning sunshine around 7 to 8 am and autumn leaves at Ichinose-enchi can be viewed in late autumn, late October.