Mt. Yakushi-dake hiking & climbing route

Goshiki-gahara Route

②Murodo ~ Mt. Jodo-san ~ Zara pass ~ Goshiki-gahara-sanso Mountain hut ~ Sugo-nokkoshi-koya Mountain hut ~ Mt. Yakushi-dake ~ Taro-daira-koya Mountain Hut ~ Oritate

Technical level: C
Physical strength level: 6
Difficulty level: ⛰️⛰️⛰️⛰️

If you are an aficionado of the Sengoku period, you may long for this mountain.
Pass Zara pass and reach the summit of Mt. Yakushi-dake

Access to Murodo

Access to Oritate

●Hiking Data

Schedule: four nights and five days
Walking hours: 20 hours 35 minutes
Walking distance: 26.8 km
Difference in elevation: 2,376 m

:Mountain Villa Information

Elevation 2,420m

↓ 1hour 20 minutes

Mt. Jodo-san

Elevation 2,831m

↓ 3hours


Elevation 2,348m

↓ 55 minutes

↓ 5hours 50 minutes

↓ 4hours

Mt. Yakushi-dake

Elevation 2,926m

↓ 2hours 20 minutes

Taro-daira-koya Mountain Hut

Elevation 2,330m

↓ 2hours

Triangulation bench

Elevation 1,869m

↓ 1hour 10 minutes


Elevation 1,350m

Route Guide

Use Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine line to Murodo. This route starts from Murodo. If time allows, you might want to hike all the way to Goshiki-gahara-sanso Mountain hut and make this trip for three nights and four days. However, considering the departure time at Murodo, it is hard even for fast hikers to reach the hut by early afternoon. Therefore it is recommended that you stay at Murodo for the first night and start early on the second day.

The trail to Mt. Jodo-san begins in front of Murodo-sanso Mountain hut. Just before the Caldera lookout of Mt. Murodo-yama, begin climbing the steep slope on the left. From the lookout, Mt. Yakushi-dake, Mt. Haku-san, and the Hotaka Mountains can be seen. Just before the lookout, take the trail on the left. The trail reaches to the corner of Mt. Jodo-san. It is a wide plateau. Follow the path and you will reach the meteorological station of Toyama University. Take a left at the building. Follow the ridgeline to Goshiki-gahara. Descend the graveled zone and the rocky zone. Ascend again towards the east slope of Mt. Oni-dake. After traversing a snow-remaining zone, the trail becomes a wooden trail. Arens, Koba-keisou, and wheel lilies may be in bloom along the trail. Kurobe lake can be spotted below your feet. After passing Mt. Shishi-dake, Goshiki-gahara appears in sight below your feet. The ridgeline towards Mt. Yakushi-dake can be seen ahead. To Zara pass, the trail passes through a graveled zone and a rocky zone requiring the use of chains and ladders. Zara pass is written 佐良峠 in KANJI characters. It is said that in the year 1584, Narimasa Sasa and his servants, in total of 94 people, made it through heavy snow to seek the support from of Ieyasu Tokugawa in Hamamatsu. After passing Zara pass, the trail becomes wooden. Alpine plants may be in bloom along the trail. Go straight at the junction where a trail to a camping site connects. Goshiki-gahara sanso Mountain hut is reached shortly. It is recommended to stay the night here.

On the next day, please hike to Mt. Yakushi-dake. Proceed on the wooden trail and climb up on a wide trail with rocks from Ecchu-sawa-nokkoshi. When the view becomes wider, Mt. Ecchu-sawa-dake is reached. The view of voluminous Mt. Yakushi-dake is impressive. Descend carefully on the graveled trail to Sugo-nokkoshi. Ascend back again from the saddle of Sugo-nokkoshi and descend down from a shoulder to Sugo-nokkoshi. The trail becomes uphill until Sugo-nokkoshi-koya Mountain hut. The hut stands in a quiet forest. Please spend the night here.

Let’s hike to Mt. Yakushi-dake. The mountain tends to get foggy and it is recommended to start early in the day. Hike through a swamp and pass an old camping site. Pass Mt. Mayama. There is a great view at the summit. Kamino-rouka corridor can be spotted below your feet. Pinus pumila begin to be spotted along the trail when the tree line is passed. Just before the trail reaches Mt. Kita-Yakushi-dake, a second ridgeline can be seen running parallel, albeit a bit lower than the original ridgeline. After that point, hike through some peaks and Mt. Yakushi-dake is reached shortly. A Yakushi-nyorai statue is enshrined at the summit. There is a great view. Descend the ridgeline to Taro-daira-koya Mountain hut. It is recommended that you stay at Taro-daira-koya Mountain hut for the last night. Descend to Oritate. It takes about 3 hours. Stay focused while descending.