Mt. Higashi-dake (Mt.Warusawa-dake)

Mt. Higashi-dake is the highest peak among the Arakawa Three mountains, which is a core part of the south of the Southern Japan Alps.  The elevation is 3,141 m.  It is called Warusawa-dake.  It is also called “Higashi-dake” or “Azuma-dake”.  It is rare to climb only this mountain.  Most hikers climb a part of Arakawa Three mountains (Mt. Higashi-dake, Mt. Naka-dake, and Mt. Mae-dake).  There used to be many hikers choosing an approach from Niken-koya Mountain hut, however, these days, more hikers chose the route: Sawara-jima ~ Mt.Higashi-dake (Mt.Warusawa-dake) ~ Mt. Naka-dake ~ Mt. Akaishi-dake ~ Sawarajima, a route hiking from one to another at an elevation above 3,000 m.


Mt. Akaishi-dake belongs to the Akaishi Mountains, which contains mountains of 3,000 m or higher altitude and begins from Mt. Mitsumine-dake, separating from Mt. Aino-dake.  It is also referred to as the leader of the Southern Japan Alps.  The elevation is 3,210 m.  Even the mountain sitting next to it, Mt. Ko-Akaishi-dake is 3,081 m and is a high peak.

This mountain is climbed often with the Arakawa Three mountains, however, a route starting from Sawara-jima to Mt. Akaishi-dake via Mt. Ko-Akaishi dake then proceeding to Mt. Hijiri-dake, is popular as well.  In that case, it is time efficient to descend from Hijiri-daira-koya Mountain hut to Hijiri-sawa trailhead and walk to Sawara-jima.  However, it requires more than three nights to complete the route.  If time is limited, a round trip from Sawara-jima to Mt. Akaishi-dake is recommended.

Mt. Higashi-dake (Mt.Warusawa-dake) : 3,141 m

To climb the Arakawa three mountains, a loop route starting from Sawara-jima, a route from Koiji via Mifushi pass, and another route from Niken-koya lodge, can be considered.  However, the route from Mifushi pass climbs from Mt. Mae-dake to Mt. Naka-dake and Mt. Higashi-dake (Mt. Warusawa-dake) then descends to Sawara-jima.  This route does not go to Mt. Akaishi-dake.  If you approach from Niken-koya Mountain hut, you hike from Mt. Senmai-dake to Mt. Higashi-dake (Mt. Warusawa-dake), Mt. Naka-dake, Mt. Maedake, and to Mt. Akaishi-dake, then descend to Sawara-jima.  Access to Niken-koya lodge is difficult, however.  Therefore, a route from Sawarajima to Mt. Senmai-dake to Mt. Higashi-dake (Mt. Warusawa-dake), Mt. Naka-dake, Mt. Maedake, and to Mt. Akaishi-dake, then a descent to Sawara-jima, is recommended.  Also, if you climb Mt. Akaishi-dake, a round trip to the summit from Sawara-jima is recommended.  It requires three nights and four days to climb The Arakawa Three mountains and two nights and three days to Mt. Akaishi-dake.

Trailhead vicinity weather

72時間天気情報:Chubu region, Shizuoka prefecture

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View of Mt. Higashi-dake (Mt.Warusawa-dake)