Mt. Utsugi-dake

This mountain locates at the center of the Central Japan Alps.  The elevation is 2,864 m.  The main ridgeline starting from Mt. Kisokoma-gatake heading south runs through the summit of Mt. Utsugi-dake.  There are a few routes to the summit.  The main course is the one from Komagane plateau.  Mt. Utsugi-dake is also known as the three big rocky peaks of the Central Japan Alps with Mt. Houken-dake and Mt. Sengai-rei.  The shape is wild and masculine.   Granite around the summit has faded seriously and the trails are graveled.   Utugi-daira, where Utsugi-daira emergency shelter stands, locates in a snow field area between Ikeyama o’ne and Maruyama o’ne.  This place is known for the beauty of hygrophyte in bloom for the summer season.

Mt. Utsugi-dake: Elevation 2,864 m

The route from Komogane Plateau and another route from Mt. Kiso-koma-gatake are introduced here.  If you follow these courses as introduced, there should not be any danger.  However, if you go beyond Mt. Utsugi-dake towards the south, there is no descending route towards Komagane area.  You need to be careful.  In addition, a trail from Mt. Kosumo-yama to Mt. Anpeiji-yama is covered by deep bamboo leaves and there are many fallen trees along the trail, which make it hard for beginners to hike through.  If this part of the trail were better maintained, more hikers might visit this mountain more often.  As of June 2019, Ptamigans have been found here for the first time in over 50 years and hopes for the birth of Ptamigans have risen.  This good news may raise one’s interest in the Central Japan Alps.

Trailhead vicinity weather

72時間天気情報:Central Nagano Prefecture

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View of Mt. Utsugi-dake