Mt. Shirouma-dake(Hakuba-dake) hiking & climbing route

Babadani Route from Shirouma-dake

Mt. Shirouma-dake ~ Shimizu O’ne ridgeline ~ Babadani Onsen Hot Spring

Technical level: D
Physical strength: 6
Difficulty: ★★★★

A hike on a secretly hidden route in the sky

Descend on the route with a few hikers to Babadani Onsen Hot spring. However, the trail is full of fun items to entertain hikers, such as Dicentra on the back slope of Mt. Asahi-dake or the ponds around Mt. Shimizu-dake. The walking hours from Mt. Shirouma-dake to Keyaki-daira are eight hours and thirty minutes. To Babadani Onsen hot spring, a place scheduled for a stay, it is should take seven hours and fifty minutes.

●Hiking data

Schedule: Two nights and three days (From Sarukura)
Walking hours: 15 hours 25 minutes
Walking distance: 23.49 km
Cumulative elevation difference: 2,375 m

Mt. Shirouma-dake

Elevation 2,932m

↓ 1 hour 50 minutes

Mt. Shimizu-dake

Elevation 2,603m

↓ 2 hours

Kaerazu-dake Emergency Shelter

Elevation 1,945m

↓ 4 hours

↓ 40 minutes


Elevation 600m

Route Guide

To Mt. Shirouma-dake, refer to page of 1. Mt. Shirouma-dake.

Following the road signs, descend on the ridgeline from Hakuba-sanso Mountain hut and enter the route to Mt. Asahi-dake. When you descend the Pinus Pumila belt, you come to the saddle of Mt. Asahi-dake. Proceed as you pass Mt. Asahi-dake. Ascending, you will traverse a snowy valley, however, if you are confident with your physical strength, you may proceed via the summit of Mt. Asahi-dake. A group of Dicentra will welcome you at the summit. Return to the ridgeline of Mt. Asahi-dake and descend on the gradual slope. Hike on Mt. Ura-asahi-dake and pass Mt. Shyo-asahi-dake. There will be small flower fields along the trail. The trail enters into Shimizu-daira as it ascends through a Pinus Pumila zone. There will be more numbers of small flower fields spreading out. On the way, a place to replenish your water supply during this season of remaining snow, can be found. The summit of Mt. Shimizu-dake is wide and Mt. Tsurugi-dake, the Tateyama mountains, or Mt. Yariga-take can be seen.

From Mt. Shimizu-dake, proceed southwest. Descend on the ridgeline with a great view. Take your time and enjoy the views while hiking. Ponds scatter and the view makes you feel like you are in a high-altitude swamp. You will look at the Hakuba three mountains or Mt. Kashima-yariga-take from behind and it might give you a different impression. Once the view opens up from the forest of Abies Veitchii, the trail goes around Mt. Kaerazu-dake on the east slope. After passing Shinotake shrub belt, Kaerazu-dake emergency shelter will be reached. This is almost the mid point between Mt. Shirouma-dake and Babadani Onsen hot spring. It takes about 4 hours to descend so take a break for a while before you depart. There is a place to replenish your water supply just ahead of the shelter.

Depart from Kaerazu-dake emergency shelter. After passing the place to replenish your water supply, a place where chains are attached will be reached. If you descend here, there is another water place. The trail you descend will have no views. The trail occasionally merges with the ridgeline. When Mt. Hyakkan-yama comes into sight, the trail reaches the saddle of Mt. Hyakkan-yama. Pass here and descend on the Babadani side. The trail enters into Hyakkan-no-okudari. The trail continues in a zigzag pattern. Take smaller steps to proceed safely. Traverse the middle of Mt. Meiken-yama then cross small streams a few times. Cautions must be exercised where there is snow on the ground. When the descending slope becomes steep again, the altitude will lower all of a sudden. Meiken-sawa stream will be reached. Babadani Onsen hot spring will be reached shortly after descending on the road. It is recommended that you stay here. The building is more like a mountain hut rather than an Onsen hot spring hotel. The place is known for big open-air bathes, separated for men and women, with the smell of Sulphur.

On the next day, cross the iron bridge shortly after descending the road from Babadani Onsen hot spring. Walk through a tunnel 300 m in length. When you pass Meiken Onsen hot spring, Keyaki-daira will be reached. This is the final station of Torokko train. Ride a train to Unazuki Onsen hot spring while enjoying the beauty of the Kurobe Gorge. From Unazuki Onsen hot spring, you can access to Toyama station of Japan Railway or Uozu station.