Mt. Senjo-gatake hiking & climbing route

Senjo-gatake Ura Route

③Kashiwagi Trailhead ~ Matsumine-koya Mountain Hut ~ Senjyo-koya Mountain Hut ~ Mt. Senjyo-gatake ~ Matsumine-koya Mountain Hut ~ Kashiwagi Trailhead

Technical level: D
Physical strength: 7
Difficulty ★★★★

Approach via Jizo O’ne with fewer hikers

The route on Jizo O’ne ridgeline from Kashiwagi-trailhead is known as the back trail of Mt. Senjyo-gatake. The trail crosses with the logging roads occasionally and there are also unstable places along the trail as well as complicated places to determine your current location. Make sure that you bring a map, a compass or GPA to hike this route. When lost, return where you can judge your location confidently. You should challenge this route with the courage to quit climbing if necessary. This route is set as a two nights and three days trip for the advanced hikers because the route is complicated, and the slope is very steep.

●Hiking Data

Schedule: Two nights and three days
Walking hours: 16 hours 10 minutes
Walking distance: 23.03 km
Cumulative elevation difference: 2,547 m

:Mountain Villa Information
Kashiwagi- trailhead

Elevation 1,150m

↓ 4 hours 30 minutes

↓ 4 hours 40 minutes

Senjyo-koya Mountain Hut

Elevation 2,900m

↓ 20 minutes

Mt. Senjyo-gatake

Elevation 3,032m

↓ 3 hours 40 minutes

Matsumine-koya Mountain Hut

Elevation 2,096m

↓ 3 hours

Kashiwagi Trailhead

Elevation 1,150m

Route Guide

A parking lot for about 10 cars and a post box for hiking registration are located at the trailhead. It is in a convenient location, just off National route 152. Do some warm-up exercises then depart. The trail to the trailhead is a logging road, however, after you pass the trailhead, it goes into the forest zone. It merges into logging roads occasionally.

Start walking on the trail (which has no view). You might think that this trail is rough without hikers, however, it is not as bad as you imagine. There are a few road signs standing along the trail. In about 20 minutes, you will reach Kouko-saru.

※Long ago, a hunter who lived in Nagatani-mura, had a rough day of hunting and brought home a monkey he saw on the way back. He left the monkey by the fire and fell asleep. Then he woke up to three little monkeys trying to warm up their hurt mother by the fire and wake her up. He regretted his action, so he buried the mother monkey respectfully at the root of the pine tree in the mountain the next day. The hunter retired and went on a pilgrimage. The story was told 200 years ago, however, his house still remains in Nagatani-mura.

From the Koukou-saru monument, proceed through the forest zone. The trail is marked clearly, however, there is no view. It is easy to find the trail when it merges into a logging road, however, you should be careful when the trail separates from the logging road and enters into the mountain. Do not miss the road signs. If you doubt yourself, return quickly to where you can ascertain your location with no doubt. In about an hour of walking, the mountains of the Central Japan Alps appear all of a sudden. After passing beneath Anasawa-no-kashira, the trail merges into the logging road. It should be easy to follow. After passing south of Matsumine-peak, the trail runs parallel to the logging road. It might be hard to follow the trail so make sure that you look for footprints. You should not be wandering in the mountain. Stay on the logging road and the trail. If you think that you are lost, return to where you know your location confidently.

Matumine-koya mountain hut stands 100 m off the trail. Follow the road sign so you will not get lost. You should bring appropriate gear. The max capacity of the hut is about 20 people.

On the next day, you will hike the trail through Larch trees. The slope with a great view of the South Japan Alps continues. The slope is so steep that you should rest while standing. Mt. Seijyo-gatake, your goal, comes into sight finally. A powerful Mt. Dai-senjyo-gatake can also be seen. Enter into the straight-line trail, where you get on the ridgeline of Mt. Senjyo-gatake. When you walk through Pinus Pumila or Rhododendron, depending on the year, your feet might be covered by alpine plants.

Turn right where you can see a cirque plateau below your eyes. The summit of Mt. Senjyo-gatake is reached in about 10 minutes. Senjyo-koya mountain hut stands at the cirque plateau. It is recommended that you stay at the hut, however, it takes only about 10 minutes to the summit from the hut. Therefore, you can enjoy the view at the summit as long as possible. From the hut, Mt. Kaikoma-gatake or Mt. Tateshima-yama of Mt. Kita-yatsu-gatake in the distance can be seen. Spend the night at the hut at an elevation of 2,900 m then descend on the same route used for ascending