Kiri-gamine hiking & climbing route

Yashima Shitsugen Route

②Yashima-shitugen wetland ~ Okukiri-koya Mountain hut ~ Monomi-ishi ~ Mt. Chochomi-yama ~ Kuruma-yama-nokkoshi ~ Mt. Kuruma-yama

Technical level: B
Physical strength level: 2
Difficulty level: ⛰️

This route hikes through a main street of Kiri-gamine.  A greatly satisfying trail.

●Hiking Data

Schedule: One day
Walking hours: 2 hours 25 minutes
(Up: 1 hours 30 minutes/Down: 55 minutes)
Walking distance: 5.5 km
Difference in elevation: 398 m

Yashima-shitsugen Wetland

Elevation 1,640m

↓ 30 minutes

Okukiri-koya Mountain hut

Elevation 1,632m

↓ 45 minutes


Elevation 1,780m

↓ 25 minutes

Mt. Chochomi-yama

Elevation 1,836m

↓ 25 minutes


Elevation 1,815m

↓ 20 minutes

Mt. Kuruma-yama

Elevation 1,924m

Route Guide

From Yashima-sanso Mountain hut, enter Yashima-shitsugen wetland. On the right side, the largest wetland in high altitude, Yashima-gaike can be seen while walking. This pond holds a floating mass, called Nanashima-yashima-gaike. Enjoy walking on the wooden trail. Compared to Oze, the scale of the wetland is smaller and less dynamic, however, it’s still beautiful hiking around the swamp. After passing Kamaga Pond, the wooden trail comes to a logging road. Okugiri-koya Mountain hut is reached shortly, which is currently closed. Proceed on the flat and wide trail. The trail comes to an uphill when entering a forest zone. The trail changes its pattern from a zigzag pattern to a straight pattern. From the mountain hut, Monomi-ishi is reached in about 40 minutes. As the “Monomi” name states, the view is great from this spot. From the rock, slowly ascend a ridgeline. It takes about 25 minutes to the summit. Mt. Omekura-yama and Washiga-mine can be seen when looking back. The summit of Mt. Chochomi-yama is wide and has a great view. It takes only 45 minutes to the summit of Mt. Kuruma-yama so you may take a long break here. From here, head out towards Kuruma-yama-nokkoshi. The trail becomes a boring downhill. Walk past Kuruma-yama swamp. Kuruma-yama swamp is recognized for its nationally protected species – it is prohibited to enter the swamp. This area is a treasure trove of alpine plants. Mt. Kuruma-yama is reached at the end of a comfortable trail in about 20 minutes from Kuruma-yama-nokkoshi. Mt. Kuruma-yama is the highest peak in Kiriga-mine. The area around the summit is called Kuruma-yama plateau. There are facilities such as parks, museums, restaurants, tennis courts and sports grounds in the plateau. From Mt. Kuruma-yama, ride lifts named “Sky Panorama” and “Skyliner” to Kuruma-yama Plateau bus stop. The sky ride takes about 15 minutes. Lifts operate from the end of April to the beginning of November.