Mt. Kasa-gatake hiking & climbing route

Koike-shindo Route

②Shinhodaka Onsen~ Kasa-shindo trailhead ~ Kagami-daira-sanso Mountain hut ~ Yumiori junction ~ Mt. Nukedo-dake ~ Mt. Kasa-gatake ~ Kasa-shindo Junction ~ Kasa-shindo trailhead ~ Shinhodaka Onsen

Technical level: C
Physical strength level: 7
Difficulty level: ⛰️⛰️⛰️⛰️

Approach the summit of Mt. Kasa-gatake while avoiding the steep slope of Kasa-shindo.

●Hiking data

Schedule: Two nights and three days
Walking hours: 17 hours 5 minutes
(Up: 10 hours 40 minutes/Down: 6 hours 25 minutes)
Walking distance: 27.9 km
Difference in elevation: 2,562 m

Shinhotaka Onsen

Elevation 1,090m

↓ 1hour 10 minutes

Kasa-shindo trailhead 

Elevation 1,360m

↓ 4hours

↓ 1hour

Yumiori junction

Elevation 2,592m

↓ 3 hours 10 minutes

Mt. Nukedo-dake

Elevation 2,812m

↓ 1hour 20 minutes

Mt. Kasa-gatake

Elevation 2,897m

↓ 1 hour 10 minutes

Kasa-shindo Junction

Elevation 2,770m

↓ 4hours 20 minutes

Kasa-shindo trailhead

Elevation 1,360m

↓ 55 minutes

Shinhotaka Onsen

Elevation 1,090m

Route Guide

The starting point is the same as another route from Kasa-shindo, Shinhotaka Onsen. Until Kasa-shindo trailhead, walk on the left side of the Kamata river. At the trailhead, do not take Kasa-shindo but go straight. Koike-shindo trailhead is reached shortly after passing Wasabi-daira-koya Mountain hut. Enter Koike-shindo from here. It is a well-maintained trail. Chichibu-sawa-dai is reached in about 1 hour. The bridge over Chichibu-sawa is built for use only from the middle of July to the middle of October. The bridge is removed to avoid snow damage for the rest of the year. Shishidou-gahara is reached after passing Itari-gahara via Chibo-iwa. This is a good resting place. Kagami-daira-sanso Mountain hut is reached in about 1 hour. It is recommended that you stay at the hut for the night. The view of Mt. Yari-gatake and the Hotaka mountains from Kagami-daira is phenomenal.

On the next day, why not hike to Mt. Kasa-gatake. Cross the bridge from Katami-daira-sanso Mountain hut and climb up the slightly steep slope. After the trail traverses the slope, Yumiori junction is reached. The trail merges into the ridgeline to Mt. Kasa-gatake from the Mt. Sugoroku-dake area. If time allows, it is highly recommended that you visit Mt. Sugoroku-dake as well from here.
The trail descends from the junction to the saddle, O-noma-nokkoshi then ascends up. The trail goes around the summit of Mt O-noma. Descend to Chichibu-daira while carefully hiking down on the narrow and sharp slope. Pilea microphylla, Anrica, and Kogane-giku may be in bloom. Pay attention to your feet. Chichibu-daira is a meadow. Behind the deep valley of Mt. Sugoroku-dake, Mt. Kurobe-goro-dake can be seen. Pass the green meadow and enter the bottom of the depression in Chichibu-sawa. If it’s early summer, snow in the valley might remain and your water supply can be replenished here. Alpine plants such as Hakusan-kozakura, Arens, Aotsunoga-zakura and Tateyama-rindo can be enjoyed here. From the bottom of the depression, the slope become very steep. Hike through the graveled slope and the trail comes to a wide ridgeline. Hike on the graveled ridgeline covered by Pins Pumila. Enjoy the view that is blocked by nothing while proceeding. The trail merges into Kasa-shindo after passing the summit of Mt. Nukedo-dake. Mt. Kasa-dake can be seen in front of you. After a steep slope, the trail comes to a plateau just beneath Kasa-gatake-sanso Mountain hut, which is a camping site. After climbing the slope, the Kasa-gatake-sanso Mountain hut is reached shortly. Check in at the hut and head out to the summit. The north peak of Mt. Kasa-gatake can be reached when climbing on slate shaped rocks. The main peak, the south peak, is reached shortly. The view from the summit, where a cairn is situated, is fantastic. Especially the silhouette of Mt. Hotaka-dake at sunset is fabulous.

Descend till Kasa-shindo junction, then enter Kasa-shindo. The trail is steep till Shakuji-daira, however, the wide variety of Alpine plants may entertain your hiking. Please take a break at Shakushi-daira to prepare yourself for the long downhill from this spot. Descend at a steady pace. Kasa-shindo trailhead is reached after passing a large coniferous forest. Turn right and proceed to the starting point, Shinhodaka Onsen.