Mt. Goryu-dake hiking & climbing route

Hachimine kiretto V-shaped cut ridge Route from Kashima-yari-gatake

②Mt. Kashima-yari-gatake ~Kiretto koya Mountain hut ~ Kuchi-no-sawa saddle ~ Mt. Goryu-dake ~ Mt. O-Toomi-yama ~ Alps-Daira

Technical level: C
Physical strength level: 6
Difficulty level: ⛰️⛰️⛰️⛰️

A challenging course to Mt. Goryu-dake

From Mt. Kashima-yari-gatake the north peak, descend to Kiretto koya Mountain hut.  From the hut, ascend 300 m up.

Access to Hakuba Goryu

●Hiking Data

Schedule: One night (From Mt. Kashima-yari-gatake)
Walking hours: 10 hours 45 minutes
(To Mt. Goryu-dake: 6 hours/Down: 4 hours 45 minutes)
Walking distance: 23.8 km
Difference in elevation: 2,983 m

:Mountain Villa Information
Mt. Kashima-yari-gatake the north peak

Elevation 2,842m

↓ 2 hours

Kiretto koya Mountain hut

Elevation 2,518m

↓ 1hour

Kuchi-no-sawa saddle

Elevation 2,416m

↓ 3 hours

Mt. Goryu-dake

Elevation 2,814m

↓ 2hours 10 minutes

Mt. O-Toomi-yama

Elevation 2,106m

↓ 2hours 35 minutes

Alps Daira

Elevation 1,530m

Route Guide

There are two major routes to Mt. Kashima-yari-gatake. One is a route from Ougisawa via Mt. Jiiga-take on Kashiwara-shindo trail. The other is from O-tanbara on Akaiwa o’ne. It takes about the same time to Tsumeta-nokkoshi, where these two routes meet, however, the trail on Akawai o’ne includes a series of steep slopes and it requires physical strength. If you approach from Mt. Kashima-yari-gatake, it is recommended that you stay at Tsumeta-ike sanso Mountain hut for one night. It takes about 3 hours from Tsumeta-nokkoshi to Mt. Kashima-yari-gatake the north peak. It is recommended that you stay at Kiretto koya Mountain hut for the following day.

A rocky trail between Mt. Kashima-yari-gatake and Mt. Goryu-dake is the core part of Ushiro-Tate-Yama Mountains. Great caution needs to be employed especially on the descending trail from Mt. Kashima-yari-gatake the north peak to Kiretto koya Mountain hut. The trail is well maintained with chains and ladders but if you fall, it may be a serious situation. If you hike as a group, give enough space between each other while walking.

Hike down on the graveled trail from Mt. Kashima-yari-gatake the north peak. The trail enters a ladders zone. Pay attention to ascending hikers. Kiretto koya Mountain hut is reached after some ups and downs through rocky zones with ladders. A sign, saying “This is a V-shaped cut in the mountain ranges. Maintain your balance.” might scare you but it can help you stay focused on your walking. You may feel relieved when you reach Kiretto koya Mountain hut, standing in the rocky zone.

Start early on the next day. Mt. Tsurugi-dake can be spotted on the left of your direction. In about 10 minutes, the entire view of Mt. Kashima-yari-gatake appears in behind you. Kiretto koya Mountain hut can be spotted as well. The trail continues in the rocky zones with use of ladders. Maintain three-points positioning while climbing the steep rock wall. From Kuchi-no-sawa saddle, the trail becomes an uphill gradually. A resting point is Kitaone-no-kashira. Take a short break. The trail descends for once and ascends again. Pay attention to your feet.

Mt. Goryu-dake comes into sight. After carefully passing G5 and G4 rocky zones, the trail reaches to just underneath of Mt. Goryu-dake. The trail you just passed can be seen when you look back. From there, Mt. Goryu-dake is reached shortly. You might feel relieved but make sure you stay focused all the way to Alps-Daira. The summit of Mt. Goyu-dake is wide with a great view. Enjoy it as long as possible.

From Mt. Goryu-dake to Goryu-sanso Mountain hut, you will hike on O-toomi o’ne. It is a fairly easy walk compared to the trail to Mt. Goryu-dake. Descend while enjoying the great view. From Alps-Daira, ride a gondola called Tele-cabin to descend.