Hiking for Viewing Mt. Yatsuga-take/Chushin plateau Autumn Leaves

Mt. Yatsuga-take is located between Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures. It faces the South Japan Alps across JR Chuo-honsen line.
The narrow definition of it is a name for mountains with rocky peaks in the south of Natsuzawa-pass and mountains up to Mt. Tateshina-yama in the north of Natsuzawa pass are known as the North Yatsuga-take. The wide definition of Mt. Yatsuga-take includes both the South Yatsuga-take and the North Yatsuga-take.
The best season for the subalpine belt where most of the main trails are located is from early to mid October. The peak for dwarf shrubs in the alpine belt is from late September to early October. For the Chushin plateau, regions such as Kiriga-mine and Utukushi-gahara, which spread out at the ridgelines of Mt. Yatsuga-take extending towards the north, the peak for the main trail course or the area above the mountains is early October and the peak for areas in the middle of the mountains is the middle of October. The bright redness of the autumn leaves will attract one’s heart.
The peak of the autumn leaves changes from year to year so make sure that you check the latest local information before you visit. Since the temperature in the mountains can drop to 0 to 10 ℃, you must prepare warm clothing or rain gear to enter the mountains.

【Appealing points of Mt. Yatsuga-take Autumn Leaves】
Mt. Yatsuga-take Chushin Plateau National Park spreads from the Yatsuga-take mountains to ChuShin plateau from Kiriga-mine and Utsukushi-gahara. The mountains in the park below the midline are located in a mountainous area and the area above the midline is located in a subalpine belt. The peaks and ridgelines of Mt. Yatsuga-take and Mt. Tateshina-yama are located in the alpine belt.
Evergreen coniferous trees such as Abies Veitchii are the main trees and within the green, you can see beautiful coloring with the mixing of the red and yellow leaves of Rowan tree maples trees and Betula Ermani. Within the alpine belt, dwarf shrubs with autumn leaves, such as Actous Alpina can be enjoyed. Tourist road and lifts are available to the summits of Kiriga-mine and Utsukushi-gahara and many popular trailheads are located in the subalpine belt. Above the mountains, a grass field which changes to golden brown and shrubs such as the Eriophorum gracile, add red color to it. Both Mt. Yatsuga-take and Chushin plateau are located in the central mountain area and are rich with great views of the North, Central, and South Japan Alps and Mt. Fuji. Clear air during the autumn leaves season makes panoramic mountains views more memorable.

View of Mt. Yatsuga-take/Chushin plateau

Route Information

  1. Hiking Route for Kiriga-mine Autumn Leaves Viewing
    Kuruma-yama Plateau lift ~ Mt. Chochomi-yama ~ Yashima Shitsugen ~ Sawando ~ Mt. Kuruma-yama kata ~ Mt. Kuruma-yama
  1. Hiking Route for Mt. Yatsuga-take Autumn Leaves Viewing
    Sakura-daira ~ Mt. Iou-dake ~ Mt. Yoko-dake ~ Mt. Aka-dake