Shionomichi Trail Route Guide

Shionomichi Trail Itinerary 6:Iimori Station~Yanaba Station

Iimori Station~Yanaba Station Iimori Shrine~Nakatsuna

A trail where nature is interwoven with scenic beauty. You will see a variety of landscapes that shine as they change with the four seasons along this road. This trail takes you through the mysteries of the foothills.

●Hiking data

Walking distance:13.2km
Time required::3213 minutes

:Mountain Villa Information
Iimori Station

Elevation 719m

↓ 10 minutes

Iimori Shrine

Elevation 721m

↓ 30 minutes

Roadside station

Elevation 740m

↓ 90 minutes


Elevation 813m

↓ 80 minutes


Elevation 825m

↓ 3 minutes

Yanaba Station

Elevation 828m

Route Guide

This course starts from Iimori Station on the Oito Line, passes over Sanosaka and overlooks Lake Aoki on the way to the shores of Lake Nakatsuna before reaching Yanaba. This is one of the best courses within the Shionomichi Trail, especially in spring or autumn, as it walks across the satoyama area with a view of the Northern Alps and along lakeshores. From Iimori Station, you will pass Iimori juoudo, Hasedera, and the Kitahara stone statues of Buddha and Rokujizo statues alongside the national highway before crossing the national highway and arriving at Iida Shrine. Go around Kamishiro Station and from Hakuba Goryu intersection, once again cross the national highway and return to the foothill side of the road. From here, the Shionomichi Trail runs parallel with the tracks of the Oito Line, and you will pass behind Hakuba Minami Elementary School and see the stone Buddha statues of Sawado Kitahara and Sawado Minamihara before arriving at Minami-Kamishiro Station. Go towards the Sanosaka Ski Resort slope and cross the JR Oito Line tracks, and as you distance yourself from the ski slope, you will enter the path to Sanosaka Pass. As you walk along the Sanosaka Kaido Highway, stone statues of Buddha and other deities will greet you along the way. While you enjoy the different expressions featured on each of the stone Buddhas, Lake Aoki will eventually appear before you. Lake Aoki is the biggest of the Three Lakes of Nishina. Its circumference is roughly 6,500 meters, and it has a depth of 62 meters. You will pass through Douzaki Kannondo on the banks of Lake Aoki before reaching Lake Nakatsuna. The Sanosaka Pass is closed in the winter months due to snow accumulation, which normally remains until early May.