Shionomichi Trail Route Guide

Shionomichi Trail Itinerary 4 :Nakatsuchi Station~Tsugaike Kogen / Hakubaoike Station

Nakatsuchi Station~Hakubaoike Station Ikehara~Hyakutai Kannon

See the Chikuni-goe stone marker, climb Oyasaka slope, at times walk trails with steep hills, and at times walk wide, flat trails. Experience all of the characteristics of Shionomichi Trail. This is a trail of historic remains and religious faith.

●Hiking data

Walking distance:16.1km
Time required:305 minutes

:Mountain Villa Information
Nakatsuchi Station

Elevation 462m

↓ 20 minutes


Elevation 559m

↓ 80 minutes


Elevation 505m

↓ 85 minutes


Elevation 625m

↓ 80 minutes

Hyakutai Kannon / Tsugaike Kogen

Elevation 813m

↓ 40 minutes

Hakubaoike Station

Elevation 589m

Route Guide

Start at Nakatsuchi Station on the Oito Line and walk along the village road which will take you to the Shionomichi Trail course. Walk along the latter half of the Ishizaka-goe course and you will soon find yourself in a narrow valley called Fusube. The road here is rocky, so be careful as you walk. When the view opens up and you travel down the slope for vehicles, you will find yourself in the hamlet of Kudarise. Walk through the hamlet and enter the Shionomichi Trail on your right. After passing through the hamlets of Mushio and Wadaira, you’ll descend onto the national highway near the post office. In the hamlet areas there are markers for the Shionomichi Trail painted in white on the paved asphalt roads, so look down from time to time to confirm where you are. When you pass the town office, you will once again climb the Sanyozaka slope on Mt. Kozuchiyama. This is the start of the 8 km long Chikuni-goe course where you will pass the Genchoji 33 Kannon, Chikuni Suwa Shrine, the site of the Chikuni guardhouse, Oyasaka, Ushikata-juku, and Maeyama Hyakutai Kannon, before arriving at Tsugaike Kogen, which sits at an elevation of 820 meters. This main Shionomichi Trail course is a series of sites with historic remains.