Photographer introduction

Masahiro Iijima

Born in Tokyo in 1951. Animal photographer and filmmaker.
Graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture, Laboratory of Zoology. He has photographed and filmed animals all over the world. He has photographed rare animals in tropical Asia and the Himalayas, including snow leopards and cranes crossing the Himalayas.
He has been featured in NHK’s “Earth! Mysterious Nature” and “Darwin is Here! and many other programs. As his life’s work, he has filmed animals from the north to the south of Japan, mainly in Asia.
His major books include “365 Days of Encountering Nature: Animals Living in Forests” (Seibundo Shinkosha), “Asian Animal Explorers” (Fukuinkan Shoten), “Wildlife Photography Guidebook” (Seibundo Shinkosha), “The Life of Moles (Many Mysterious Masterpieces)” (Fukuinkan Shoten), “Mole Handbook” (Bunichi Sogo Publishing), “Squirrel and Rat Handbook” (Bunichi Sogo Publishing Co., Ltd.), “Japan Mammals Large Book” (Kaiseisha), and many others.

Kazuo Unno

Kazuo Unno was born in Tokyo in 1947. In 1990, he opened a studio in Komoro City, Nagano Prefecture, and in 1999, he started “Komoro Diary,” a blog in which he publishes his works photographed with a digital camera with comments. He continues to update it daily. He also does a lot of overseas reporting, mainly on tropical rainforests, and devotes about 100 days a year to taking photographs overseas. His photo collection “Insect Mimicry” won the 1994 Photographic Society of Japan Award. He is the author of nearly 200 books, mostly for children, and has been involved in numerous television programs. He is the president of the Natural Science Photographic Society of Japan.

Takuro Inoue

Born in Machida City, Tokyo in 1974. Lives and works in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. Started producing sports videos (telemark skiing, MTB, snow scooting) in the early days of non-linear video editing, and later worked on the production and direction of promotional videos for video games and TV commercials. Currently, as “HAPPY DAYZ PRODUCTIONS,” he is engaged in creative activities such as video and photographs of nature. His motto when it comes to mountains is “Slow Mountains”.

Terukazu Uehara

Born in Gunma in 1944. He has been engaged in bird surveys and photography in Gunma with Mr. Sugane. When he gets involved in a particular theme, he pursues the species to the end and continues his research. Currently, he is engaged in surveying and photographing eagles and hawks in western Gunma.

Masao Sugane

Born in Gunma in 1951. He grew up in Gunma, a place rich in nature, and became interested in wild birds as a child. While continuing to work, he has played a leading role in bird surveys in Gunma and has taught amateur birdwatchers. He has been involved in bird surveys and photography not only in Japan but also overseas.