Hiking to View the Autumn Leaves of Kurobe Gorge

The Kuronagi hot spring route

Transfer time (One way)

Hiking data

Kuronagi ~ Kuronagi hot spring about 20 minutes Family hiking course

It may get cold during autumn leaves season. Please come prepared for sudden rain or cold weather.

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↓ 24 minutes (use of the railway)

Kuronagi station

↓ 5 minutes

Suiro bridge lookout point

↓ 15 minutes

Kuronagi hot spring

Route Guide

It takes about 25 minutes from Unazuki by train. Shortly after entering Chubu Mountains National Park area, you will come to Gohiki bridge, the bridge over the steepest valley in the Kurobe gorge. Get off at “Kuronagi” station just before the bridge and cross the railway and ascend a steep hill. The bridge is constructed with classic features, which are fantastically in harmony with the beauty of nature at the gorge, which can be seen below your feet. This is “Suiro bridge”. This bridge serves as a water pump for electric generation to “Shin Kawara Power Plant”, passed by the railway from “Nekomata”, the upstream of the Kurobe River. It was built in the 2nd year of Showa and is one of the photo spots for the Kurobe gorge.  The elegant “Kuronagi hot spring” is reached when you walk on the promenade along the Kuronagi river for about 15 minutes.

This “Kuronagi hot spring” is a source for “Unazuki hot spring and its ejection temperature is 97 degrees Celsius. The high temperature water is sent to Unazuki, 7km away toward the downstream by a pipe.
“Kuronagi hot spring” is not only for a stay but also for snacks or a daytime bath. Many visitors from abroad can be seen recently. An open-air bath by the riverside is about 51 square meters. Stone structures and clear blue hot water are beautiful and the greenness of the valley, looked up at while taking a warm hot spring gives you an “Awww” moment.
On returning, you may not make a reservation from Kuronagi station so please get on a train whichever available.