Kamikochi Hiking

The abundant nature represented by in the great scenery of the Japan Alps and people’s longings for it.
Kami-kouchi is one of the scenic spots representing the Chubu Mountains National Park. Due to its beautiful and precious nature environment, it is recognized as a “special scenic spot” and a “special nature monument”. It is one of the best mountain resorts in Japan. The altitude is 1,500 m. The best attractions are the rocky zone of the Hodaka Mountains which you can see so close-up to, the clear streams like the Azusa river with its pure water, and lots of enigmatic ponds and wetlands. Also, the unique scenery created by rich forests and Alpine plants reflective of each season. The mountains, water, greenery, nature’s harshness and kindness are all well blended and that fascinates hikers in any season, touching very deeply in one’s heart. It is recommended that you forget about daily life and enjoy trekking with your family.

The best season: From mid-May to the end of October (especially from the end of May to the middle of June, and from the end of July to the end of August).
Schedule: 2 hours and 30 minutes or one day (if you hike on two routes).

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Nature Parks Foundation Kami-kochi Branch Branch Manager
Mr.Ginjiro Kato

Kami-kochi presents you with alternative shades of beauty depending on the season, weather and times.  You would be recommended to visit on several different occasions.
To fully appreciate the beauty of Kami-kouchi, where its expressions change due to the seasons, weather and time, it is recommended that you take time and walk slowly. While enjoying the sounds of wild birds and the beautiful Alpine plants, you can fully appreciate the ponds, wetlands, clear streams and forests with your five senses.
With Kappa bridge and a bus terminal at its center, there is a trekking course from Taisho-ike which connects to Nakanose, Myoujin and to Tokusawa (some parts of the courses are referred to as nature research paths, promenades, or trails.) The route you wish to take can be selected based on the time that you are willing to spend at Kami-kouchi. All courses are along the Azusa river with its sedate flow and course difficulty is fairly mild with gradual slopes. However, since most of the courses include boardwalks and it could become muddy and slippery due to inclement weather, it is recommended that you wear trekking shoes or hiking booths. Make sure that you put your personal belongings in your backpack so that your hands are free to use. Do not forgett to bring rain gear and warm gear with you.If possible, it is recommended that you stay at Kami-kouchi overnight and experience the starry sky and morning air. That would make your trekking experience more memorable.
Also, the only time to witness the beautiful water surface of Taisho-ike, mirroring the surrounding mountains is the early morning in the sunshine before the wind starts to blow. It is recommended that you start early in the day.※It is recommended that you gather the most updated route information at the bus terminal or the information center before you start. Baby carriers are available for rental (reservations can be made in advance).

View of Kami-kouchi

Route Information

Kami-kouchi Hiking Course

  1. The Taisho-ike Course Kami-kouchi bus terminal ~ Kappa bridge ~ Weston monument ~ Tashiro bridge ~ Taisho-ike ~ Tashiro-shitsugen ~ Kami-kouchi bus terminal
  1. The Myoujin-ike Course Kami-kouchi bus terminal ~ Kappa bridge ~ Dakesawa-shitsugen ~ Hodaka shrine (Mjyoujin-ike) ~ Myoujin-kan ~ Kappa bridge ~ Kami-kouchi bus terminal