Mt. Tateshina-yama hiking & climbing route

O-gawara Touge Route

② O-gawara pass ~ Akatani Junction ~ Shogun-daira ~ Tenshoji-hara ~ Mt. Futago-yama ~ O-gawara pass

Technical level: B
Physical strength level: 2
Difficulty level: ⛰️

This route can be enjoyed for a day hike. However, you can also stay at O-gawara hut and enjoy a night at the Northern Yatsu-ga-take mountains.

Access to O-gawara Pass

●Hiking Data

Schedule: A day trip or one night two days
Walking hours: 6 hours 15 minutes
(Up: 2 hours 20 minutes/Down: 3 hours 55 minutes)
Walking distance: 9.2 km
Difference in elevation: 862 m

:Mountain Villa Information
O-gawara pass

Elevation 2,090m

↓ 1 hour 30 minutes

Akatani Junction

Elevation 2,280m

↓ 10 minutes


Elevation 2,353m

↓ 40 minutes

Mt. Tateshina-yama

Elevation 2,530m

↓ 30 minutes


Elevation 2,353m

↓ 1 hour 25 minutes


Elevation 1,980m

↓ 1 hour

Futago pond

Elevation 2,040m

↓ 45 minutes

Mt. Futago-yama

Elevation 2,224m

↓ 15 minutes

O-gawara pass

Elevation 2,090m

Route Guide

A logging road to O-gawara pass is closed from the middle of November to late May. It may be closed sometimes due to fallen rocks. Gather the most updated information.
From O-gawara pass, start hiking on the trail. The trail becomes gradually steeper. At your back will be Mt. Futago-yama, which will be passed when descending. Shogun-daira is reached in a short time after the trail merges into a wide ridgeline covered by forest. From here, climb the rocky trail carefully. At the end of the forest, the summit of Mt. Tateshina-yama is reached. It is a rocky summit. Proceed to the spot where the summit sign is located by passing by Tateshina-sancho hut, standing at the edge of the summit. This is a good resting point. Enjoy the view of Mt. Yatsu-ga-take and the South Japan Alps. Descend to Shogun-daira.

From Shogun-daira, the trail descends through a forest zone. Be careful on loose rocks especially after rain. Pay attention to your feet. The trail merges at the end of the downhill. Turn left at the junction. Tenshoji-hara is reached shortly. Turn right at another junction towards Mt. Futago-yama. Pass the quiet Kikkou pond. The trail covered by beautiful moss leads to Mesu pond, one of the Futago ponds.

There are many campers around the Futago ponds. Take a break here and enjoy the lake view. Proceed to Mt. Futago-yama. At the end of the gradual slope, the summit of Mt. Futago-yama is reached. It is a wide summit with clear view. Descend a gradual ridgeline covered by bamboo leaves and return to O-gawara pass.