【CONTENTS】Upon creating this rule book

PROLOGUEUpon creating this rule book

The Japanese rock ptarmigan does not fear people. Its habitat is deep within the mountains where the gods reside, and its character is likely a result of being worshipped as the bird of the gods rather than hunted. Japanese culture is embodied in the pristine state of nature where people dare not venture. This bird is now in danger of extinction.

The high altitudes of the Japan Alps spread like an untouched field of wildflowers. Each peak of the magnificent sprawling mountain landscape and each one of its flowers and trees is revered as the home of the gods. However, the Japanese marten, deer, and other satoyama animals that have invaded the alpine zone are making it difficult for the rock ptarmigan to survive. There have also been clear changes in the flora due to climate change. Both are a result of the actions of humans.

However, we can protect the rock ptarmigan with a little understanding from people climbing the mountains. As humans who are capable of being considerate of others and regulating themselves, a mere few words (rules) should be all that is necessary.

Here we share the bare minimum of what should be abided by in order to maintain the implied understanding (etiquette) of what can be felt even without words.

We hope this rule book serves as the door that opens upon a rock ptarmigan suddenly appearing before you and the sense of reverence for nature woven into a wonderful tale by our ancestors.

It would also please us if this becomes an opportunity for each person to recognize the need to preserve the rock ptarmigan and work towards that.

(Ministry of the Environment)