Mountain hut

162. Yamainuno-dan-koya

Business period: Full year (unmanned)

It is an unmanned evacuation hut that you can climb on a day trip from the Sumatakyo Onsen and walk about 4 hours on the opposite side of the path climb from Mt. Sawaguchi-yama that is one of the popular Sumata Three Mountains.

Formerly called the Yamainuno-dan Rest House, there are not many people staying in the forward part of the hut.

From Mt. Sobatsubu-yama to which a roundtrip is just a little over an hour from here, you can view Mt. Dai-mugen-zan and Mt.Fuji.
So, if the weather is good, you should challenge.

Elevation   1,400m
About 7 hours 10 minutes from Sumatakyo Onsen
Capacity 20 people
Fee Free
Tent area No tent area
TEL    TEL 0547-56-1111 (Kawane Honcho Tourism and Commerce Division)
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