Mountain hut


GW: Apri 29 to May 5 After that, open on Fridays and Saturdays until June 4th.
Business period: June 4 to mid November

Business period April 27-mid November

It was newly built in 2017 in a mountain hut located about 10 minutes away from the peak of Mt. Yakusi-dake

On the ridge just south of The Three Mountains, the 360-degree view attracts people.

Once there are fewer mountain climbers come the end of Golden Week, it may be closed until June, so be sure to make a reservation before use.

Elevation  2,720m
5 hours and 20 minutes from the Aoki Kosen trailhead,
7 hours from the Yashajin gate trailhead
Capacity 40 people
Price 1 night 2 meals
Adult ¥ 9,000 / 1 person
Tent area No tent area
Reservation TEL 090-5561-1242, 0551-22-6682 (out of business period)
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