Mountain hut

17. Tsugami-sanso

Business period: From Mid-June ~ Mid-October

※Please call for the 2024 business period and prices.

It is a hut on the northernmost part of the Northern Alps, along the Tsugami New Trail that leads from Asahi-dake to the Sea of Japan.

Benizuai-kai, which is responsible for cutting down the steep and long mountain trails and maintaining the huts, is a gathering of people who worked with the late Ken Ono who opened the Tsugami New Trail and have inherited his will.

When using it, the rule is to make the contribution of money that you can in a box installed in the villa. If you love the mountains, it’s only natural to thank these activities and donate.

Elevation 1,560m 
About 11 hours from the Tsugami Shindo trail entrance, about 8 hours from the summit of Mt. Asahi-dake.
Capacity 40 people
Price 1 night with no meals. Adult 2,000 yen~ per person (your monetary contribution)
tent area About 10 tent
(Cooperation fee) 1 Zhang 1,000 yen ~
Reservation 070-3965-2801
Application for hut use is supported by the following e-mail

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