Mountain hut

1. Tsugaike Hutte

Business period: June 22th – October 20th, 2024

※Reservation required

It is located at the entrance of the Tsugaike Shizen-en Nature Park where the flower garden is beautiful, and it is a perfect location for the base of Mt. Shirouma-dake climbing.

In a building with a perfect alpine mood, a half-timbered veranda attracts attention on a white wall. The mountain range of Hakuba seen from the balcony stimulates the willingness to climb.

From here, it takes about 7 hours to get to the top of Shirouma-dake via Tengu-hara and Hakuba Oike. As it is almost a one-day trip, try to leave as early as possible in the morning.

Elevation 1,860 m
10 minutes from Tsugaike natural garden entrance
Capacity 70 people
Price 1 nights 2 meals Adult 13,000 - 14,000 yen / 1 person
1 night with dinner Adult 11,500-12,500 yen / 1 person
1 night with breakfast Adult 10,500 - 11,500yen / 1 person
Room without meals 9,000 - 10,000 yen / 1 person
Box lunch 1,500 yen
tent area No tent area
Reservation TEL 0261-72-2002 (Mountain lodge reservation center phone number)
Remarks Baths filled with alkaline hot water using natural active stones are popular with guests when they are warmed up well

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