Mountain hut


Business period July 10-September 15

It is a hut located just below the summit of Mt. Tekari-dake, southmost 100 famous mountains of the Southern Alps.

In order to be served dinner, all groups must be 50 or older, up to 3 people/group and must have met all conditions of accommodation by 3 pm.

Since it is the deepest part of the Southern Alps, it takes time to restore the damage wreaked by typhoons, etc. and there are many instances where traffic comes to a halt, therefore you can achieve peace of mind by checking the situation in advance of your trip.

Elevation   2,500 m
7 hours and 40 minutes from Iroudo Trailhead,
and 15 minutes from the summit of Mt.Tekari-dake
Capacity 40 people
Price 1night 2 meals
Adult 6,500 yen / 1 person(If you bring a sleeping bag)
Tent area About 6 tents (400 yen 1 person)
Reservation TEL 090-6939-2356
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