Mountain hut


Business period: July 10-September 30

It is a hut built at the point where the vertical path of the Ura Ginza course that climbs from Takase Dam to Mt. Yari-gatake and the mountain trail leading to Suisho-dake branches.

It was completely rebuilt in 2007, as it was completely damaged twice during construction because winds that were unimaginable in bad weather blew up.

Although it is an important part of the Ura Ginza course, it has a small capacity and tends to be crowded, so it will be reassuring to make a reservation especially when climbing in a group.

Elevation   2,900 m
12 hours and 50 minutes from Nanakura Onsen via Noguchi-goro-dake, 30 minutes down from Suisho-dake.
Capacity 30 people
Price   1 night 2 meals Adult 11,200 yen / 1 person
Tent area No tent area
Reservation TEL 0263-83-5735
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