Mountain hut

18. Shiratori-goya

Business period: Full year (unmanned)

It is the last mountain hut in the mountains in the northernmost part of the Northern Alps, on the Tsugami New Trail that leads from Mt. Asahi-dake to the Sea of Japan.

The Benizuai Mountaineering Association is in charge of management and operation, just like the next hut in the direction of Mt. Asahi-dake, Tsugami-sanso.

Because it is on the top of Mt. Shiratori-yama, the view is absolutely beautiful. I want to bid farewell of the long vertical run after etching in mind its superb view.

Elevation 1,287m 
About 7 hours and 30 minutes from the Tsugami Shindo trail entrance, about 12 hours from the summit of Mt. Asahi-dake.
Capacity 30 people
Tent area About 5 tents
Reservation TEL 070-3965-2801
Application for hut use is supported by the following e-mail

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