Mountain hut


Business period: full year (reservation required)

As a lake with an altitude of 2,100m or more, it is built on the banks of Shirakoma Pond, Japan’s largest natural lake, surrounded by virgin forest covered with moss.

In 2017, the new building was completed and now has two buildings with the main building. You can use the bath even in winter.

In summer, you can have lunch while looking out at the pond, or rent a boat to the pond.

Elevation 2,110m About 35 minutes from Mugikusa-toge Bus Stop, about 2 hours from Yachiho Kogen Nature Park
Capacity 200 people
Price 1 night w 2 meals. Adult 8,500 yen ~ per person
Tent area No tent area
Reservation TEL 090-1549-0605
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