Mountain hut

138. Sensui koya

Business period Mid-June to late October
※Please call for the 2024 business period and prices.
※Accommodation reservation required

It is a hut where you can see a nearly flat mountain trail in about 30 minutes, from Kitazawa Pass to Mt. Kaikoma-gatake.

It’s a perfect starting point to stay one night or for a break, right at the start of a tight climb from the end of the hut.

Breakfast is prepared from 4:00 am in the early morning out of consideration that you may be able to arrive before dawn for the wide view of Sensui-Pass.

Elevation 2,130 m
40 minutes from Kitazawa Pass
Capacity 20 people
Price  Please contact
Tent area 11 Zhang / Paid
Reservation TEL 080-5076-54941 (during period/local), 0551-28-8173 (outside period)
Remarks Need a reservation

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