Mountain hut


Business period: full year (reservation required)

A hut on the banks of Shirakoma Pond, built using a large number of wind-felled trees from the Isewan Typhoon in 1959.

The area surrounded by virgin forest and inhabited by a variety of mosses has been selected as the “Precious Japanese Moss Forest” by the Bryological Society of Japan.

From spring to autumn, seasonal wild vegetables, homemade vegetable tempura and local rockfish are grilled, and in the winter, the popular main dinner is a hot pot which heats the body from the core.

Elevation 2,110m About 35 minutes from Mugikusa-toge Bus Stop, about 2 hours from Yachiho Kogen Nature Park
Capacity 200 people
Price 1 night 2 meals. Adult 8,000 yen ~ per person
Tent area approximately 60 lots (1 person / 900 yen)
Reservation TEL 090-1423-2725
Remarks All rooms are private rooms in winter, and the hotel charges start from 8,500 yen.
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