Mountain hut

221. Sanjiro-Bokujo sanso Pirika

Business period Full year

※Please call for the 2023 business period and prices.

Located near the Sanjiro Ranch located on the south side foot of Utsukushi-gahara plateau, it is a general accommodation facility equipped with cottages, bungalows, auto camp sites, etc. in addition to sanso.

Sanso’s dinner is a heart-warming dish using seasonal local ingredients. Especially in autumn, natural mushrooms are exceptional taste. By special order, special menu of matsutake mushroom steamer, steamed rice bowl and matsutake rice is also available. There are 5 sets for 1 day, so please make a reservation immediately after deciding on the schedule.

If you stay overnight, you can enjoy a stroll in the surrounding area, which is rich in nature and shows the expression of each moment.

Elevation    1,450m
Near Sanjiro Ranch bus stop (only mid Jul-mid Aug)
About 1 hour 50 minutes from O-gato.
Capacity 30 people
Price Adult 8,900yen / 1 person
Tent area Tent ground, bungalows for 8 persons, 6 buildings 15,000 yen / 1 building
Reservation TEL 0263-31-2122
Remarks The bungalow is 1,000 yen plus per extra person

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