Mountain hut

160. Yanbushi-koya

Business period Full year (unmanned)

This evacuation hut is located on the south of the ridgeline from Yanbushi that is highest peak of the Abe River basin (2,013m above sea level) toward Ushikubi Pass.
There is no mountain trail directly connected to the main ridgeline of the Southern Alps. It is a base for excursions to the mountains so-called “Abe-oku”, Mt. Shichimen-san, known as the mountain of shugen, and hot springs such as Ume-gashima Onsen and Konya Onsen.

All meals and bedding arrangements must be made on your own.

Elevation    1,860m
About 3 hours and 10 minutes from the Yanbushi climbing entrance, about 20 minutes from the top of Mt. Yanbushi.
Capacity 10 people
Fee Free
Tent area No tent area
Reservation TEL 054-221-1421 (Shizuoka City Tourism and International Affairs Division)
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