Mountain hut


Business period: From early June to late October

It is a hut built on a valley line cut off from the Noro River that separates Kita-dake and Senjo-gatake.
Even though it is a valley, the sun shines down from the wide open sky, creating a sense of freedom that one can almost touch.
The port side route leading directly to Kita-dake from the opposite bank in front of the hut is not yet available as of 2019.
Road Closed. When a sudden change in the weather is anticipated, it is difficult to enter the valley road easily.
Secure yourself by waiting in Hirogawara or changing your schedule.

Elevation   2,000m
About 2 hours 20 minutes from Noro-gawa Deai Bus Stop, about 3 hours 10 minutes from the summit of Mt. Aino-dake.
Capacity 30 people
Price   1 night 2 meals. Adult 7,700 yen per person.
Tent area approx. 40 lots (500 yen per person)
Reservation 090-4529-4947 (Kita-dake-sanso), 055-288-2146 (outside business period)
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