Mountain hut

95. Hutte O-yari

Business period: July 1-October 10

It is located about 900m from Mt. Yari-gatake on the Higashi-kama-o’ne, which connects Mt. Yari-gatake and Nishi-dake.

It takes about 1 hour to reach Mt. Yari-gatake. It is an exquisite place which is “not too close” or “not too far”.

It’s a great view point with a view of Mt. Yari-gatake, which is blazing in the morning, and the silhouette that floats in the evening ensconced in a cloud of amber.

Elevation 2,884m
14 hours and 10 minutes from Nakabusa Onsen,
1 hour from Mt.Yari-gatake
Capacity 96 people
Price 1 night 2 meals Adult 11,000 yen / 1 person
Tent area No tent area
Reservation TEL 090-1402-1660
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