Mountain hut

98. Otensho Hutte

Business period: July 6 – October 13, 2024

※Accommodation reservation required

This hut is built along the Omote Ginza Long-traverse Course, on the west side of the summit of Mt. Otensho-dake and is often used as a place to stay before for the northern ridge of the Yari-gatake.

The view from the Ushikubi observation deck in the back of the hut is wonderful, and it is good to leave the luggage and go light.

In the surrounding area there is a flower garden of Dicentra Peregrina, and as a service to guests, events such as “flower watching”, sunrise and sunset watching are also held.

Elevation 2,650 m
7 hours and 45 minutes from Nakabusa Onsen
6 hours and 40 minutes from Mt.Yari-gatake via Higashi-kama-o’ne
Capacity  80 people
Price 1 nights 3 meals (with lunch) Adult 15,500 yen / 1 person
1 nights 2 meals Adult 14,000 yen / 1 person
1 night with dinner Adult 12,500 yen / 1 person
1 night with breakfast Adult 11,000 yen / 1 person
Room without meals 9,500 yen
Tent area  No tent area
Reservation TEL 090-1401-7884
0263-35-7200(Outside business period)
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