Mountain hut

190. O-gawara Hutte

Business period Early June-Early November

It is built at the northernmost tip of the Yatsu-gatake area, at the O-gawara Pass which is the col of Mt. Tateshina-yama and Mt. Futago-yama

The TATESHINA SKYLINE, which passes in front of the hut, is paved. However, it is not a very wide road, and the amount of traffic increases as the parking lot becomes full during the season, so drive carefully.

During the business period, we also operate cafes and snacks, so it is useful as a break point for climbing and driving.

Elevation  2,100m
It takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes via Shogun-daira from the 7th station trailhead, and about 1 hour and 40 minutes from the summit of Mt. Tateshina-yama.
Capacity 40 people
Price 1 night 2 meals
Adult 7,500 yen / 1 person
Tent area No tent area
Reservation TEL 090-3558-5225
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