Mountain hut

194.Mugikusa Hutte

Business period: Full year (reservation required)

Next to National Highway 292, which crosses the Shibutsu district at the border of Gunma and Nagano Prefectures. This national highway is located at the highest point of the high altitude National Highway 299, on the Mugi-Kusa Pass.

Because the national highway runs in front of you the hut and you can easily bring in large luggage, the large room that accommodates 100 people can be transformed into a mini concert venue. There have been concerts held here of famous artists.

Coffee made with groundwater and handmade cakes are also popular.

Elevation 2,127m 
Get off at Mugikusa-toge bus stop, 3 hours from Yachiho Kogen Nature Park
Capacity 150people
Price 1 night 2 meals
Adult 9,500 yen / 1 person
tent area No tent area
Reservation TEL 090-7426-0036
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