Mountain hut

209. Minoto-sanso

Business period late April-early October
(Closed until mid-June Closed in 2021 season)

It is a hut built in Minoto where two courses from Minoto-guchi to Akatake are divided.

There are a lot of mountain blessings such as tree nuts and mushrooms around the mountain cottage, and it’s popularly known that you can eat leisurely after you have descended from the mountain.

The mountain hut is equipped with an unusual flush toilet, and guests can enjoy bathing from June, so the comfort is attractive.

Elevation   1,760 m
1 hour from Mino Toguchi, 3 hours down from Akadake summit
Capacity 100 people
Price     1 night 2 meals
Adult 8,500 yen~ / 1 person
Tent area No tent area
Reservation TEL 0266-74-2728
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