Mountain hut

161. Sho Mugen koya

Business period: Full year (unmanned)

It is an evacuation hut in the middle of a mountain trail that aims at Mt. Dai-mugen-zan from Ikawa Lakeside.
However, there is a collapse place in the middle of this route, and it is not possible to reach Mt. Sho-muken-zan, not to mention Mt. Dai-mugen-zan.

Since it is built on a small peak, the view is good, especially in the western part of the mountain.

Although there is currently no general route for climbing Mt. Dai-mugen-zan, including the other side, it is perfect for those who want to increase their motivation by climbing to the reopened pass.

Elevation   1,800 m
About 3 hours 40 minutes from Tashiro Onsen
Capacity 10 people
Fee Free
Tent area  No tent area
TEL    TEL 054-221-1421 (Shizuoka City Tourism and International Affairs Division)
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