Mountain hut

129. Komaho Hutte

Business period July 13th to October 14th, 2023

※by appointment only

A small mountain hut surrounded by a national forest directly under Mount Utsuki-dake. There is no food available here.

During weekends, members of the Komaho Mountain Association will operate the hut in turn, but it may be unattended on weekdays. In that case, please place the fee in the charge box.

The company aims to create a hut that does not place an impact on the environment, such as a complete toilet that does not produce dirty water or sludge or solar power generation that reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Elevation  2,800 m
About 6 hours 15 minutes from the end of Ikeyama Forest Road
Capacity 40 people
Price   Unpaid (with bedding) 6,000 yen / per person
Tent area  No tent area
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