Mountain hut

135. Kitadake-katano-koya

Business period June 25 to early November

It is a hut at the highest point in the northern part of the Southern Alps.

Because it is built on a ridgeline, the view is perfect. However, once the wind begins to blow, tents are often blown away.

The charm of the hut is the richness of the alpine plants in addition to the good view. In particular, the special species Kita-dake which blooms from mid to late June gently heals climbers.

Elevation 3,000m
About 5 hours and 35 minutes from Hirogawara mountain trailhead, about 40 minutes down from Kita-dake.
Capacity   150 people
Price 2 meals per night
Adult 8,700 yen / 1 person
Tent area About 50 tents (700 yen per person)
Reservation TEL 090-4606-0068, 055-288-2421 (outside business period)
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