Mountain hut

136. Kitadake-sanso

Business period: Mid-June to early November

※Please call for the 2024 business period and prices.

Heading from the top of Mt. Kitadake in the direction of Mt. Aino-dake, it is a but built in the saddle with Mt. Naka-shirane-san.

Yamanashi Prefecture was established in 1978 as a base for the relief of the crowding of huts on the Kitadake Ridge Line and for teaching safe climbing in the northern area of the Southern Alps.

There are days when 400 climbers rush to the capacity of 150 people, and there are days when it is not possible to ensure the security and safety of mountain climbing, and it seems that the hut administrators’ true wishes are that climbers avoid consecutive holidays and Saturdays as much as possible.

Elevation 2,900m
About 7 hours and 20 minutes from Hirogawara via the summit of Kitadake, about 55 minutes down from Kitadake.
Capacity 80 people
Price   Room without meals 9,000 yen / 1 person
Tent area 40 people (1,100 yen per person)
Reservation TEL 090-4529-4947
055-282-6294 (outside business period)
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