Mountain hut

3. Kazabuki-sanso

Business period: From June 15, 2024 to the second Saturday in October

Accommodation reservation required

It is located on the shore of Kazafuki O-oike, one of the best lakes in the Northern Alps, off the mountain route from Tsugaike Nature Park to Mt. Shirouma-dake.

It is a perfect hut to enjoy a quiet mountain walk in an area with relatively few visitors.

The surrounding area is dotted with small ponds colored by alpine plants, and the views of Hakuba-norikura-dake, Yukikura-dake and Asahi-dake from Tengu-hara are beautiful.

Elevation 1,778m
3 hours 40 minutes climbing from Tsugaike Nature Park
Capacity 24 people
Price: 1 night 2 meals. Adult 9,000 yen per person.
Room without meals 5,500 yen / 1 person
Tent area about 5 lots (1,500 yen per person)
Water and toilet use included
Reservation TEL 080-5340-7635
Accommodation reservation required
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