Mountain hut

166. Hirokawara-koya

Business period Full year (unmanned)

It is a mountain hut built where the Koshibu River appears on the Shimoyama road that branches to the left from Daishoji-daira on the way from Akaishi-dake to Arakawa-higashi-dake.

After this, you will have to go back and forth along the Koshibu River, and you will have to repeat the negotiations many times. Therefore, it is safer not to enter unless you are accompanied by an experienced person.

Because it takes almost 7 hours round-trip from the main ridgeline, it is a location that is not worth considering unless it is a plan to go down along the Koshibu River. However, there are few users and you can enjoy the mountain hut life.

Elevation 1,450m about 4 hours from the top of Mt. Akaishi-dake
Capacity 50 people
Fee What you are willing to pay.
Tent area No tent area
TEL    TEL 0265-39-2001 (O-oshika Village)
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