Mountain hut

111. 7th station Gyoba-sanso

Summer business: July 15th to October 9th, 2023

※Please call for the 2024 business period and prices.

※Accommodation reservation required

It is a quiet mountain cottage surrounded by a forest around Kurosawa-guchi 7th station of Mt. Ontake.

There are the Kakumeisha that celebrate saint Kakumyo shonin who opened Mt. Ontake, and you can feel that Mt. Ontake is a mountain of faith and this is a place of worship.

In summer, a large number of believers gather from all over the country, and the atmosphere is unique.

Elevation 2,180m
About 10 minutes from Ontake Ropeway Iimori Kogen Station
Capacity Japanese-style room, 10 large and small rooms
Capacity 30 people
Price 1 night 2 meals Adult ¥ 10,000 / 1 person
Private room 6,000 yen / 1 room
Tent area No tent area
Reservation TEL 090-4380-5200
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