Mountain hut


Business period: July 1-Mid-October

It is listed as the starting point of the Omote Ginza Longitudinal Track that competes for popularity in the Northern Alps.It is a mountain hut right below Mt. Gaki-dake, which rises to the north of Mt. Tsubakuro-dake

From Nakabusa Onsen on the south side, go directly to Higashi-zawa Nokkoshi and go through Maruyama Shindo, climb Kassen ridge, pass through Mt. Tsubakuro-dake. There is also a route that leads to Higashi-zawa Nokkoshi, as well as a route that climbs from the Shirosawa Trailhead on the Tohoku side.

Many climbers turn back from Mt. Tsubakuro-dake and head to Omoteginza, so there are not many hut guests, so you can enjoy a quiet mountain night.

Elevation 2,600m About 7 hours and 40 minutes from Shirosawa Trailhead, about 8 hours and 10 minutes from Nakabusa Onsen
Capacity 70 people
Price: 1 night 2 meals. Adult 9,000 yen per person.
Tent area approx. 5 lots (700 yen per person)
Reservation TEL 0261-22-2220
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