Mountain hut

114. Ena-san Sancho-goya

Business period Full year (Unmanned)

In the mountain hut built near the summit of Ena-san, you can use flush toilets from June to October.

The hut is in a strong emergency shelter-like color, and unless there are accidents such as a sudden change of weather or a sudden deterioration of physical condition, there are not many people who use the accommodation.

Although it is not referred to as a tent site, there is a space for about 2 in the area, and water can be procured in about 30 minutes, so it is a pleasure to carry a tent.

Elevation    2,095m 
About 10 minutes from the summit of Ena-san.
Capacity 15 people
Tent area No tent area
TEL    0573-66-1111 (Nakatsugawa City Tourism Division)
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