Mountain hut

56. Dainichi-goya

Business period July 10 – September 30, 2024

Accommodation reservation required

Along the route from Murodo to Shyo-myo Falls, it is a hut built near a bifurcated trail that climbs to Dainichi-dake.

This small cabin with only 2 shared rooms offers a homely atmosphere.

There is also the attraction of a dinner in the dining room with a lamp, and the amazing views of Mt.Tsurugi-dake. It may become addictive if you stay once.

Elevation 2,425 m
5 hours from Murodo
Capacity 36 people
Price 1 nights 2 meals Adult 13,000~15,000 yen / 1 person
Room without meals 8,500 ~10,500yen / 1 person
Dinner: 3,000 yen
Breakfast 1,500 yen
Lunch Box 1,200 yen
tent area No tent area
Reservation TEL 090-3291-1579
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