Mountain hut

112. Bangaku-so

Business period: April 29-Mid-November

It is a mountain hut in the Fujimi plateau that spreads in the northeastern foot of Ena-san.

Of the four routes to Ena-san, it is close to the relatively popular climbing route of the Misaka route, and it is convenient for staying before and after climbing.

Although there are no meals available, there is also a rental of fire sources such as gas stoves and BBQ stoves and the sale of firewood, making it a great place to enjoy the feeling of camping.

Elevation   1,500m 
15 minutes by bus from Heavens Sonohara,
40 minutes on foot to Misaka trailhead
Capacity 44 people
Price 3,000 yen per adult for single occupancy
Tent area About 5 tents (500 yen per person)
Reservation TEL 070-2667-6618
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